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Working at FCLA

The FCLA provides a set of opportunities to enhance collaboration between both communities. We have a long-term program for French astronomers to work in any of the three participating Chilean universities, for a minimum of one year, as well as a visiting program for researchers and students for shorter visits. Details on these programs are presented below.

For researchers with a permanent position in France, either CNRS, Observatories, or Universities, please refer to the latest Call released by INSU:

For Chilean and French students, there are various possibilities to support and welcome you to work at the FCLA Lab.

For further questions, please contact Pasquier Noterdaeme


Since 2019, the FCLA Visiting Scientist Programme is open for application (no fixed deadline).

Applications must be jointly prepared and proposed by one member of the three Chilean universities and one French researcher from a CNRS Lab. Applications must be sent to the Deputy Director of the FCLA Lab (Pasquier Noterdaeme). They will be reviewed by the FCLA board (Felipe Barrientos, Ricardo Muñoz, Sandro Villanova, Martin Giard & Pasquier Noterdaeme) within a timescale of 1 month after submission, but we strongly encourage applicants to submit their project 6 months in advance for organizational aspects (flight ticket, hotel reservation...). Please advertise the call to any of your French and Chilean collaborators to submit a joined application.

Do not hesitate to contact Pasquier Noterdaeme for further questions.

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