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The research that has been and is being carried out at the FCLA concerns a wide range of topics in modern astronomy, ranging from meteors to the high redshift Universe.

At present, collaborative projects being developed at FCLA include:

Gravitational arc tomography

Collaboration: Sebastián López, Pasquier Noterdaeme, Felipe Barrientos, Nicolás Tejos, Cédric Ledoux.


Gas in quasar environments

Collaboration: Pasquier Noterdaeme, Sebastián López, Nicolás Tejos, Françoise Combes, Jens-Kristian Krogager, Patrick Petitjean + researchers outside France and Chile.

Exploring the limits of digital astrometry and photometry of "moving celestial objects"

Collaboration: Sebastien Bouquillon, René Mendez, J. Silva, M. Orchard, J. Vaubaillon, F. Colas and D. Souami

Other topics have been developed at FCLA in recent years, creating long-lasting collaborations: 

Protoplanery Disks

Collaboration: Myriam Benisty, Laura Pérez, Nicolas , Simon Casassus, Jorge Cuadra, Sebastian Perez, Bill Dent, Marion Villenave, Paola Pinilia, François Ménard, Christophe Pinte, Miriam Keppler, Antonella Natta, Thomas Henning.

Detection and characterization of Exoplanets

Collaboration: Gael Chauvin, Patricio Rojo, Laura Perez, James Jenkins, Sebastian Jorquera, Pantoja Blake, Amelia Bayo, Johan Olofsson, Nicolas Godoy, Virginie Faramaz, Alice Zurlo, Hervé Beust, Mickael Bonnefoy, Philippe Delorme, Anne-Marie Lagrange, David Mouillet, Arthur Vigan and Nuria Huélamo.

Study of the transient sky: observations and modelling

Collaboration: Stephane Blondin, Luc Dessart, Joseph Anderson, Alejandro Clocchiatti, Francisco Forster, Mario Hamuy, Felipe Olivares, Giuliano Pignata, Jose Luis Prieto.

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