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FRIPON is an efficient fireball detection and characterization ground-based network that started in France in 2016 with over one hundred cameras, and which has been extended to Europe and Canada including eighty additional stations. The network has shown to be able to statistically analyze matter falling on Earth - extra-terrestrial particles ranging in sizes from a few millimeters to a few meters - enabling a determination of the impact area through precise astrometry and triangulation, and allowing the organization of search campaigns to recover freshly fallen meteorites.

After five successful years of operation in the northern hemisphere, it appears necessary to extend this network outside Europe - especially to the southern hemisphere - where the lack of detections is obvious in order to obtain an exhaustive vision of the problem.

FRIPON-Andino is the name of the extension of the FRIPON network to the Andean states (Chile, Argentina, Peru, ...), crucial for filling-in the gap in the detection of these events in the southern skies.

FRIPON-Andino Stations

The stations are listed from north to south

(operational stations in blue and planed stations in black)

     Place                      Host                   Status   

  • Tarma                     (PEJI01)                        Pending

  • Calama                          Col. Chuquicamata    Online

  • Baquedano                 (CLAN05)                     Pending

  • Paranal                    ESO                            Online

  • Inca de Oro                 El Pirquen                  Online

  • Laguna Santa Rosa Refugio Maricunga   Online

  • Tierra Amarilla           Desierto Cosmico     Online

  • Vallenar                    (CLAT04)                      Pending

  • La Silla                            TAROT                       Online

  • El Sauce                  Obstech                     Online

  • El Leoncito                  (ARSJ01)                      Pending

  • Salamanca                   (CLCO02)                    Pending

  • Mendoza                    ETec/UM                    Online

  • Cerro Calan            DAS/UChile               Online

  • Puerto Natales        (CLMA03)                    Pending

  • Punta Arenas              (CLMA01)                   Pending

  • Puerto Williams        UMAG/CHIC             Online

FRIPON-Andino publications & conferences

FRIPON-Andino team

Founding Institutions

  • FCLA/DAS - University of Chile

  • MAS

Technical management and deployment: Felipe Gutierrez (U. de Chile), Hernan Pulgar (DAS/U. de Chile), Marcelo Tala (MAS/UAI), Rene A. Mendez (DAS/U. de Chile), Sebastien Bouquillon (LFCA/U. de Chile), Adrien Malgoyre (LAM).

Associated scientists: Millarca Valenzuela (MAS/UCN), Rene A. Mendez (DAS/U. de Chile), Kathy Vieira (UDA), Andres Jordan (MAS/UAI), Christian Nitschelm (UA), Massinissa Hadjara (NIAOT/U. de Chile), José Nilo (ULS), Maja Vuckovic (UV), Hebe Cremades (UM), Myriam Pajuelo (PUCP), Bin Yang (UDP), Alexandre Corgne (UACh), Sébastien Bouquillon (LFCA/UChile), François Colas (PSL), Emmanuel Jehin (U. de Liège), Alain Klotz (IRAP), Pierre Bourget (ESO) & Pierre Vernazza (LAM).


For more information about FRIPON-Andino you can contact us at suport-chile at

Copyright © FRIPON-Andino Team - Hosted and maintained by LFCA and DAS Universidad de Chile.

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